Thursday, January 14, 2010

Health Care Reform Starts At Home

It is interesting to follow the progress on the health care reform bill that is taking place in the United States and people’s differing ideas on what needs to happen to make it all work. One of the issues is the fact that the new plan won’t cover everyone, and partly the reason is that is that not everyone wants to be covered! One big issue that isn’t being discussed is that many health problems are diet related. We have the best health care available in the world, but people aren’t eating right so we are the unhealthiest nation in the world. Sad news. More and more people are understanding that diet is the culprit and making diet changes that will change their lives for the better.

The past few months I have been reaching for a bottle of ginger capsules. I’ve been amazed at what this little herb/spice can do for me. The other day as I was waking up I realized that I had a symptom of a migraine coming on. I took some ginger and the symptom went away. Last month I took ginger a few hours before getting on an airplane and noticed for the first time ever that I didn’t fall asleep on the plane and didn’t have the jet lag at the end of the trip. I have taken ginger quite a few times when I feel like a deadhead and it gets my brain out of the fog and gives me energy for the rest of the day. When I know we are going to be driving on a windy road I take ginger before we go and don’t get nauseous. Ginger worked wonders for my dog on our road trips, I was amazed at how the ginger kept her tummy happy on a 12 hour trip.

I read through quite a few of the articles available on the Herbal Legacy website and it talks about Ginger helping with inflammation in arthritis, being better than the NSAID drugs. Ginger regulates blood sugar, is an effective blood thinner preventing strokes, lowers serum cholesterol, increases sperm motility, promotes the production of saliva which is great for people with dry mouth syndrome. Ginger eases the pains of gas and cramping as well as menstrual cramps. The list goes on, put ginger in the search at Herbal Legacy to read more uses of ginger.

I like to take responsibility for my family’s health and we have done a pretty good job of it over the years. It will never cease to amaze me how wonderful herbs are. For any given health problem I can reach in my own cupboard for the solution and get almost immediate results using the herbs of my choice. I don’t have to worry about any side effects because herbs really do what they say they do, and that is the effect we all deserve! I don't need any health care reform, I think I'm doing just fine!

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  1. Bravo Kathryn- indeed you are!

  2. I have been taking ginger daily now for the past week and it has been amazing for the remaining inflammation I have had on the arthritis flare up. I am also working on my diet to eliminate the wrong foods and I am doing great. Funny what a small amount of wrong foods can do to the system.