Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Does Your Colon Feed or Poison You??

There was a newspaper article around Christmas and they had asked people to write about the lamest gift they had given or received. The one that caught my eye was the person that gave a colon cleanser as a white elephant gift. They said that they never admitted that it was them that gave it and wondered what the person that received it thought. I would say for a white elephant gift that was probably the best one at the party.

Dr. Christopher has written books and newsletters about the colon, one article title is; "Does Your Colon Feed or Poison You?? " He talks about the majority of illness being caused by a congested (constipated) colon. Constipation can also cause shoulder pain, sciatic pain as well as pain shooting down the legs.

Dr. Christopher goes on to say:
“Most people have pounds of old dried fecal matter that is stored in the colon which is toxifying the system and keeping the food from being assimilated. Because of this putrefied condition, most people engorge themselves with many times more than the actual body requirements, wearing out their bodies in trying to get sufficient nutrition and are still always hungry and eating. After the bowel is cleaned, the food is readily assimilated, and a person can sustain himself on about one-third the quantity of his current food consumption at some four or five times increase in more power, energy, vitality, and life. Herein the clean body is able to normally assimilate the simple food values through the cell structures in the colon, instead of it being trapped in a maze of wastage, and inhibited by the hard fecal casing on the intestinal walls, wherein the largest part of the nutritional substance becomes pushed on and eliminated before it is digested. When the body is completely clean, these aids will no longer be necessary--then your food will be your medicine and your medicine will be your food. As long as you stay on the program properly, the lower bowel formula should be used only when needed, after the bowel is once cleaned.”

The Lower Bowel Formula is one of my favorite formulas, it is gentle yet effective.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Arthritis again???

Now is the best time to stock up on Christopher’s with the 40% off sale because at the first of the year there will be slight price increases on most of the product lines. The sale is good through December 31, 11:00 am Mountain Time.

I have been trying to get a newsletter out for the past few weeks, but my father’s health deteriorated quickly and I was able to go and spend some time with him in the last week. He passed away Dec. 16th, so we will be headed back up to Washington for the funeral.

I had been taking Mindtrac for quite a few months but I felt I was doing ok so I stopped taking it. Then the eye problem set in and I started having arthritis flare-ups and decided to reread the pages on Arthritis in the Nutritional Healing book. What jumped out at me is that often Arthritis is stress related! I would say that I have been under a good amount of stress the past few months.

I immediately started taking the Mindtrac again and adding Joint, Complete Tissue & Bone, Anti-Inflammation and Immucalm. It makes a big difference to be taking the herbs and makes me wonder if I wouldn’t have had these problems at all had I remained on the Mindtrac. It will remain a mystery but my guess is that I wouldn't have. I am still having some joint pain, but I think as we finish up my Dad’s funeral and life gets back to normal my body will come back into balance once again.

I am happy I have these wonderful formulas to help me get through these times. You can read more about my arthritis story on the Cleanse-Nourish-Heal website.

You can purchase these and other herbs at Herbs First.