Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coconut Oil, the Healthy Oil

It is interesting when two people get married that were raised in different families discover the kind of diet they will eat in their home. When my husband and I got married I mentioned that I eat wheat bread and he said he was ok with wheat bread. He won on on mayonnaise vs. Miracle Whip issue when after a year or so of buying both I gave in to mayo. We now use Grapeseed Oil Veganaise which is certainly abetter choice and we both feel the cost is worth it.

Over the years there has been a lot of talk about the fats that are good to use. Fast food restaurants were forced by the FDA to quit using animal fat to fry their foods and to use fats that were deemed to be the good fats. We now know that those supposedly good fats change when heated, making all foods fried in them very unhealthy.
Coconut oil has been known as a healthy oil for many years, but a controversy was created making coconut oil look like one of the bad oils. The truth won out and now most people know that coconut oil is good for you.
Coconut Oil
I bought a gallon of coconut oil two years ago and have become a total coconut oil addict. I use it for everything, making breads, cookies, cakes and other baked foods. For making oven fries, stir fries, and on vegetables where I would normally use butter. Coconut oil does not form harmful byproducts when heated to normal cooking temperature like other vegetable oils do. Coconut oil doesn’t turn into fat in the body, the body burns it as fuel as it is taken in. And the biggest thing I like about coconut oil is that it just makes everything you eat taste so good. I go through about 4 gallons a year for my small family, I know a few large families that use a gallon a month!

When people taste the things I cook they often want the recipe. I am just using my normal recipes and using coconut oil in place of what ever oil is listed. It is great to know that we are using a fat that is healthy and won’t make us fat when we eat it. Read more at Herbs First about the
many health benefits of using coconut oil. We have great pricing, only $55.00 per gallon with special shipping of only $10.00 for up to ten gallons shipped to the same address in the continental United States. Order some today!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thank You HCG, I'm finally getting thin!

Kathryn 28 lb lossIt is hard for me to admit to my readers that I am overweight, because people expect a person in a health related field to be thin. You can read more my story on my first post about HCG on the blog. I finished my first round of HCG on June 21st, just a few days short of six weeks. I’m very proud of myself, during the whole diet I stuck right to it, even attending a family wedding and spending a long day away from home. At the wedding I chose foods that adhered to the diet and the only ones available were fruit and vegetables which I did fine with. The day away from home we left at 6:00 am, I took food with me that I could eat and we had dinner at a restaurant where I chose a salad with grilled steak. I lost a total of 28 lbs in 37 days and went on Phase II of the diet where I added a variety of fruits and vegetables and fats and avoided all sugar and starch for three weeks.

It was a happy day to get to add more food and to get to eat avocados and make fruit smoothies. Fruit smoothies are a great substitute for ice cream and you sure feel better after eating one compared how you feel after eating ice cream. Thin healthy people make those right choices and this is what those of us with weight issues need to learn. I also was able to add my homemade sprouted wheat bread and did great on it. Sprouted wheat changes the grain to more of a vegetable than a starch besides all the other incredible benefits. I was able to maintain my weight loss during the three weeks of Phase II.
hCG ez Trim
Two weeks after starting on HCG the first time, the book I had ordered,
The Weight Loss Cure finally came. After reading it I wished that I had read it first, but was very happy that I had chosen to use HCG to lose weight. The author Kevin Trudeau talks about cleansing before the diet and after reading the book I agree with him. I did a Candida cleanse at the beginning of the diet and I feel that it has taken care of the Candida because I no longer have any sugar cravings. I ate sugar on the two loading days a few days ago and was amazed to not have that incredible urge to eat and eat more sugar. I feel that Candida has been a good portion of my weight problem giving me those out of control cravings for sugar. Anyone that has incredible sugar cravings would greatly benefit by doing the Candida Cleanse, which is easy and affordable.

The Weight Loss Cure
also suggested drinking either Chamomile tea or Yerba Mate tea. Chamomile aids in digestion and bowel problems and is invigorating and strengthening to the body. Yerba Mate raises metabolism, suppresses appetite, and helps the body burn calories through its 'thermogenic' effect. It contains B vitamins, minerals, and 15 amino acids and is a powerful source of antioxidants. Yerba Mate increases energy, stimulates digestion, cleanses bowels and enhances memory. I am drinking the Yerba Mate this time to see if it makes a difference in my loss. If you don’t use one of the teas then use either the Lower Bowel Formula or the Quick Colon or Colon Cleanse Formula as this diet tends to be constipating for most people.

At this point in time I have lost 30 lbs. and have 25 lbs to go. I will stay on hCG until I am at my goal, which I hope will to be about six weeks. In the photo at the top I am wearing the same pair of black pants in both photos to show my 28 lbs loss at that point. I was a little bit “rolly” in May when I started and am really thinning down and feeling great!

Hollie 38 lbs loss
Our wonderful Hollie who processes the orders at Herbs First lost 40 lbs. without HCG between January and May. Hollie started HCG the middle of June and lost 38 lbs. in 33 days! She is taking a break for a month to enjoy some family reunions and will go back on the HCG diet in August. It will take until sometime next year for her to lose all that she wants to lose. This diet has been a life saver for the dieter that needs to lose 10 - 15 lbs and for the dieter than needs to lose many times that amount it is a dream come true. Hollie is thrilled to be able to lose about the same amount of weight in a fraction of the time that it took her to lose the first 40 lbs.

If you have any questions about the HCG diet or about any of the products that we carry please feel free to email me, or call me at 801-228-1901. It has been great talking to people and hearing about your success on this diet.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Lymphatic System

Infection formula
The lymphatic system aids the immune system in destroying pathogens and filtering waste so that the lymph can be safely returned to the circulatory system. It removes excess fluid, waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, cancer cells, and toxins from the cells and the tissue spaces between them. The lymphatic system also works with the circulatory system to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and hormones from the blood to the cells that make up the tissues of the body.

If you don’t keep the lymph system clean and working then obviously you are going to have health problems. A great formula for the lymph system is the
Infection Formula which at one time was called the Lymphatic Formula For a person dealing with a lot of illness along with using the cleaning kit, the Infection Formula would be quite helpful.
Another great way to keep the lymphatic system flowing is the daily use of a rebounder. A rebounder is also known as a mini-trampoline. I have used a rebounder for about 30 years and they are a really fun way to get exercise. I start my morning with stretches, some light weight/resistance training and then I jump on the rebounder for few minutes of light bouncing, followed by a 20 minute run and at the end light bouncing again. I know many of people that love to run, but I just can’t handle running out on the road, it just hurts too much. The rebounder is a low-impact exercise that anyone can do and is easy on your joints.

I have bought the $35.00 Walmart variety mini-trampolines and
the mats have way too much give. The type that are best are a
bit stiffer and you have less chance of hurting yourself. The inexpensive ones will not hold up to the constant daily use and you will go through many rebounders over the years. The ReboundAir that we carry has a life time warranty and is well worth the money. The
standard and half fold rebounders are for people under 300 lbs. The Ultimate Rebounder is for people over 300 lbs. Most people will do fine with the Standard non-folding unit. People of all ages love it, my dog even likes to hop on with me. There is a Stabilizing Bar available which is good for older people that may be unsteady on their feet. You will never regret ordering a rebounder. I like to go for a quick 5 minute run any time I am feeling a bit tired, it wakes me up and gives me lots of energy. A five minute light bounce before bed is very relaxing and helps me calm down for the night. This is a great item for the whole family.

Feel free to email me at info@herbsfirst.com or call me at the below phone number for any questions.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Dreaded Anti-Plague

I was having what I thought was a severe hayfever attack a few weeks ago. I was using the Sinus Allergy Formula along with the Immucalm and by the third day I finally realized that along with the hayfever I had gotten a bad cold. The worst part about getting sick is it is harder to get rid of it once you have it.

I started taking the
Infection Formula and Immune System Formula and after a few days realized that I needed to use something more powerful....the dreaded Anti-Plague, which is also known as Super Garlic Immune Formula. I call it the dreaded Anti-Plague because it tastes so horrible and I work hard to not get sick so I don’t have to take it.

I like to make my own Anti-Plague, and the stuff I had in my refrigerator was made back in April 2000. People often ask how long it will last because Dr. Christopher talked about making a batch to have on hand when you need it. I’ve never used it that old before, but I haven’t gotten sick in years, so still had it on hand. I have to say that my ten year old Anti Plague worked fine, I was able to get over it in four days by taking it every waking hour.

It is time to make up a new batch, because that was the end of what I had. I like to make it so that I can put the comfrey in it, which manufacturers aren’t allowed to do anymore. We have a great little
Anti Plague kit, you can get the cut herb for making the syrup, or the powdered herb for putting into capsules. If you do get the powder keep in mind that the whole batch needs to be capsulized so that it will keep it potency Capsulized herbs are good for about ten years since there is very little oxygen in them to make them lose their potency.

We have the
Super Garlic Immune Formula Syrup or extract from Christopher’s, or the Anti Plague Syrup or capsules from Western Botanicals for people that don’t have the time or inclination to do it themselves. This is definitely the formula to have on hand and one that has saved me many times. Start the kids with it when they are young, I had my son taking it at three years of age and he still uses it now that he is 21 because he knows it works.

Feel free to email me at
info@herbsfirst.com or call me at the below phone number for any questions.

We will be happy to assist you in placing your order. The phone lines are open, give us a call - 801-228-1901.

You can purchase these and other great healing products at Herbs First.